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Sponsored by Metromat - Metrological Calibrations More webcams from Transylvania: See Transylvania is part of See.Cam --------- Săcele | Négyfalu | Siebendörfer is a city in Brașov County, Romania, in the region of Transylvania, adjacent to the city of Brașov. The city since 1950 is composed of former villages which now form the main sectors: Baciu (Bácsfalu, Batschendorf), Turcheș (Türkös, Türkeschdorf), Cernatu (Csernátfalu, Zerndorf), and Satulung (Hosszúfalu, Langendorf). The first official mention is an act issued on May 16, 1366, by the Hungarian King Ludovic I de Anjou in which he offers the area between the Timiş and Olt rivers to a trusted friend—Count Stanislav. Later it was under the Saxon management of Kronstadt. The inhabitants were the "mocani"—local shepherds. They are mentioned in a few official documents and appear to have owned thousands of sheep, the villages being among the wealthiest in the area. They carried the local traditions across many Romanian lands due to the transhumance method of shepherding. Between the 13th and 14th centuries, an important Hungarian population has established in the region and marked the further development of the area. They are known as “barcasági csángók”


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